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Hortobágy National Park is the largest continuous natural grassland in Europe, which means that it was not formed as a result of deforestation or river control. The first Hungarian national park (established in 1973), it is the country’s largest protected area (82 thousand hectares).

Nagyerde Park and one of the most spectacular experiences of Lake Békás, its 7471 square meter football pitch – with its water surface and spectacular fountain. On the beach you can relax, relax or even have a picnic on a sunbath. Surrounded by lakeside landscapes. Address: Debrecen, Nagyerdei körút, 4032 Hungary

The Zoo and the Amusement Park is located on a Natural Reserve rich in Trees. The garden presents over 1300 specimens of 160 animal species. Since 1961 the “Ludas Matyi Amusement Park” founded in 1960 awaits its guest together with the zoo under the name of Culture Park in the Great Forest. Address Ady Endre ut 1., Debrecen 4032, Hungary Call +36 52 310 065